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Services that I can provide

My company, TLC Plumbing Services, has been established for over 3 years - and, today, offers the following range of services from its base in Whitley Bay, which is only 8 miles from Newcastle.

Getting started with using my services

Through using contact details listed on this website's homepage, you can reach me by post, landline number, mobile number, or email. I can then provide, at no charge to you, an estimate of how much you would ultimately have to pay for the plumbing or bathroom work I provide for you.

As my company's listing on the Checkatrade website attests, I have a record of charging per quote or estimate on over 90% of occasions. However, in the remaining instances, I have kept clients informed as a project has crept above what was originally specified in the quote or estimate. I can keep you so informed, too, should this happen in your particular instance.

The complete list of my services

My plumbing services cover: general plumbing; plumbing repairs; plumbing merchants; power flushing; installation or replacement of radiators, thermostats, or valves; installation or repair of showers; repairing taps; thermal dynamics; under floor heating; detection of water leaks; and water supply pipe repairs. I can also deliver the water mains specialist services of replacing pipes, lead pipes, and moling.

For bathrooms, my services you can choose from are: designing bathrooms, fitting bathrooms, supplying bathrooms, disabled bathrooms/showers, and wet rooms. Please get in touch with me to learn more about how these services could help you in particular.

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 Registered Office

24 Dowling Avenue, Whitley Bay, NE25 8RR


07519 999061